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USC partners with community leaders to host NJTL Team Cup

BT Media Group

Jason Barron

Marty Woods and Evan Smith partnered with USC for the planning of a great event on January 6th. Marty Woods is the director of the Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program. Evan Smith is the Assistant Director of Community Tennis for the NJTL (National Junior Tennis and Learning). Together they planned an NJTL Team Cup event.

The event will take place during the USTA Pro Circuit event. The kids will play tennis alongside professionals. It will be a great experience for the kids as they will be able to hit with USC players before the matches start and will be able to watch the pro matches in between their matches. This will give them an opportunity to see tennis played at a higher level and inspire them both on and off the court.

The format for the tournament will be the World Team Tennis format. There will be boy’s and girl’s doubles and singles and a mixed doubles match. Six teams will be invited and each team should have 4 or 6 players. Two girls and two boys, or three girls and three boys. The level of play should be high and the kids don’t have to have started playing at an NJTL site, but should have played at a site at one point. If participants are interested please email Marty Woods at

At the end of the year the winning team will compete at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Palm Springs, California. Events like this are bring communities together and the competition should inspire these kids to strive for greatness. USC is doing a great job in the community by extending their resources and welcoming the kids to compete alongside them.

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Kamau Murray’s XS Tennis teams with Clinton Foundation

XS Tennis & Education Foundation

By Editorial Team

Kamau Murray keeps a tight calendar in the midst of coaching a top ranked WTA pro player (Sloane Stephens), managing a non-profit (XS Tennis & Education Foundation) and maybe now local politics. Chicago has been the basis for major overhaul recently as colleges and universities from around the nation pull resources together to held rebuild the neglected South Side streets of Chicago as part of the Clinton Global Initiative University.

XS Tennis Village provided meals to those in need as a alternative site for helping rebuild the community. When asked about the initiative, Chelsea Clinton stated, “We need to give something back and I hope they will take that message and meaning with them after they leave tonight, whether back to their college or university campuses or throughout their lives.”

Chelsea Clinton was also accompanied by Mayor Rahm Emanuel for added support. “All of us have a responsibility to our fellow citizens, as Muhammad Ali said, the service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth,” Emanuel said.

With such a big turnout, Kamau’s presence was required in Chicago leaving coaching duties to Sylvester Black. Sylvester was able to fill the role coaching Sloane quite well as he did double duty with on-court coaching igniting a turnaround from Sloane after losing eight straight games to eventually win her semifinal match against KarolínaPlíšková 6-1 in the 3rd set.

With Sylvester backing him up, Kamau may have more opportunities to engage in the political scene of Chicago to make a real difference. The high crime and poverty stricken streets of Chicago could definitely use a sport like tennis to promote education and positive community development.

From saving the community, hosting the Oracle Challenger Series to grooming the next US Open champion, Kamau and XS Tennis are destined for continued success. For more info about Kamau and his efforts at XS Tennis Village click here.

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US Open Arts Courts by Chase in Los Angeles

BT Media Group

By Editorial Team

Today eight tennis courts at Harvard Park in Los Angeles got a major upgrade as the USTA teamed with Chase Bank to facelift five facilities across the country with new artwork by local artists and celebrities. Harvard Tennis Center had a share in the effort as a key NJTL cite for the event.

This court resurfacing project was much needed within the community as more people outside of the sport see the Williams sisters playing on TV, but have no real connection to tennis in real life. These newly painted courts can be the spark needed to ignite tennis within a community that has been oftentimes forgotten.

Marty Woods of Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program (NJTL) and Malcolm Johnson of Chase Bank partnered to make the effort happen. During the ribbon cutting ceremony speakers referenced a common theme – “continued effort” to boost tennis within the inner city.

The USTA is making a concerted effort to promote the sport of tennis at the grass root level and the touch of art across five cities is a great way to spring the initiative across the country. The most important element of outreach is the follow up in regards to regular visits to the community and long lasting investments in the facilities, coaches and children within these junior development programs.

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Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program (PBJTP) teams with US Open Art Courts



By Erin Maher / Thursday, May 17, 2018. US

From Arthur Ashe to the Williams sisters, public courts have nurtured and built US Open champions. The USTA, in partnership with Chase and our National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) network, will build upon its shared mission to strengthen communities through tennis and art by restoring five public-court facilities in five markets.

Here is a look at the NJTL Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program, where artist Charlie Edmiston will make the public courts at Harvard Tennis Park in Los Angeles his canvas on May 19.

Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program (PBJTP), a National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) chapter, was founded in 2009 and, since then, has been dedicated to training diverse youth through developing physical fitness, sportsmanship, team work and education both on the tennis court and in the classroom.

Based out of the public courts at Harvard Tennis Park in Los Angeles, the PBJTP was started in honor of the late Pete Brown, a local tennis coach who taught tennis and spread his love for the game in the South Central community for over 40 years. The PBJTP has served the Los Angeles community for almost 10 years, providing a safe and positive place for young people who have the desire to learn and excel at tennis.

The PBJTP offers a variety of programs for children, which include free weekly supervised on-court tennis coaching and training for kids aged five to 18, tournament training, player support, as well as a mentoring program, with all tennis coaches serving as mentors and role models to emphasize the importance of hard work, determination and perseverance.

Besides the on-court instruction, the NJTL focuses on children’s academic development through their Academic Creative Engagement program, also known as “ACE.” ACE was designed to encourage academic achievement, health and wellness and social emotional skills to help guide children in their daily lives.

On May 19, the PBJTP will be given the gift of art from the USTA in conjunction with Chase, when four of their public courts will be transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece by local artist Charlie Edmiston. 2017 US Open women’s semifinalist Coco Vandeweghe will take part in the celebration and will join Edmiston for the live painting session that day at Harvard Park.

“This is exciting for the children,” said PBJTP board member Marty Woods. “This is something different. There’s a lot of energy at the park, so this will capture it.”

WATCH Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program – Live!:

Join the 50th anniversary Art Courts celebration in Los Angeles, and tune in to US Open Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET) for the live painting show, hosted by Vandeweghe.


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